Flows this morning are 3060 cfs at Holter Dam. Temps are at 65. The fishing has been pretty good with the Trico’s in the morning. Getting out there early and catching that spinner fall has been the ticket. 8 a.m. seems to be the sweet spot, but fishing is staying good until noon. One of our trusted sources came in and said the fish have been acting like little vacuums sucking down everything on the surface. Later at night things can get going again and the best fishing is at last light. The caddis are out there in full force in the evenings, but it’s not quite that Missouri River swarm that we like to see this time of year.

Don’t forget about the PMD’s just yet, they are still around and can get a few of the fish looking up. There is also a little bit of terrestrial fishing out there. A few hopper patterns are running out of the shop and yesterday was pretty good with the ant and beetle. Nymphing is good throughout the day, especially in the morning. Getting off the river around 3 in the afternoon is what most people are doing. Speaking of most people, if you want to find the people try fishing up near the dam. The fishing must be good up there…

Dires: Small Parachute Adams, Angel Wing Trico Spinner #20 and 22, CDC Stocking Wing Caddis #16, Double Duck Caddis #16 and 18, PMD Snowshoe Emerger #18.

Nymphs: Love Bug #18 and 20, Mirage Nymph #18 and 20, Tungsten Flash Bug #18, PT’s #18, Blooms Caddis Pupa #16 and 18

Streamers: Good luck taking weeds off your streamer all day.

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