Cool mornings, mild days and very little crowds so far this weekend here in Craig, my question to all you folks kicking back at home is pretty simple; what in the hell are you thinking? Yea fishing can be challenging this time of year but things are starting to turn around as we hit the latter end of August. Nice rain shower last night put down the smoke and its sounds like it should stay clear for the rest of the weekend. Weather is looking good for the upcoming week as well, a few warmer days at the beginning of the week with things leveling out by Wednesday & Thursday. Now let’s get to the goods….

Lots of options right now whatever your style is, the MO can accommodate. Surface fishing can be great if you’re willing to put in the effort to cover some water. Few tricos coming off in the morning, pseudos in the afternoon and hoppers all day. Like I said, you’ll have to put in some time, but you should move some fish. Don’t concentrate too much on the shores too much either especially mid day, shallow warmer water isn’t too conducive to holding loads of fish. Chunks of weeds are breaking loose and seems like fish are taking advantage of it for some additional coverage. Sub-surface is pretty much the same game we’ve been playing for most of the summer, pick your lane and keep the bugs wet. Long knot-less leaders are the way to go, less knots = less weeds. As far as streamer fishing in concerned, you may be surprised. Loads of little fish in the river right now and some of the bigger boys have taken notice. The ‘bow pictured above charged out of the weeds to tag my sparkle minnow. Some guys still fishing deeper and fighting off that sticky-icky green. As for me, a 7.5’ 0x leader with about a foot of 1x and no weight did the trick, keeping the fly green free by fishing above the weeds. Anybody out there going to complain about surface eats on a streamer? Hope not. Humble fly suggestions for the week ahead….

Dries: More-or-Less Hoppers, Blooms Para-Hopper, Yellowstoner Hoppers, Rusty Spinners, Purple Haze & Para-Wulffs.

Nymphs: Military Mays, Zebras, Blooms W8 Fly, BH Pheasant Tails & Little Green Machines.

Streamers: Sparkle Minnows, Skiddish Smolt, Flash Fry, Forage Fish, Kreelex & Sculpzilla.


~Cheers, Chewy.

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