Finally getting back into the swing of things here in Craig MT; personally and fishing wise. With all the college kiddos’ back on campus the Craig shop called in the Calvary, so for the last few weeks yours truly has been kickin’ it in the town of two bars and too many trout. The primary reasons I’ve failed to provide you fine folks with the most up to date fishing info as the summer crowds subside and the fall fishing starts to pick up. My deepest apologies. Now that we’ve got all that out-of-the-way, let’s get down to business, you didn’t come to read about the awesome times I’ve been having at Uncle Joes Bar (I hope).

It’s starting to feel more and more like fall every passing day here in central Montana. Temps generally hanging in the mid 60s to 70s with a few indian summer days forecasted for the coming weekend. Combine that and waning summer crowds and I shouldn’t have to tell you what you should be dong this weekend. Not too much pressure from the dam through the canyon as of lately, but September historically fishes well so be prepared for the return of the 4 license plates coming east to check out some bigger water. Techniques for hooking into some MO River trout you ask? Whatever style fills your sails my friend. Podded up fish haven’t been hard to find, getting them to eat a fly that doesn’t make your eyes bleed, that’s another story. Remember, these fish are pricks intelligent. Small cripples, spinners and clusters paired with 5x fluorocarbon and small knots is the way to go for the time being. Guys fishing sub-surface still kicking ass and peeling weeds of leaders. Short leashing above the weeds has been producing well, Darren (pictured above) landed that nice ‘bow only hours ago off a tandem nymph rig below the dam. Go for a Tungsten bead up front followed by a smaller nymph trailing about a foot or so. If the tug is your drug now’s the time to peel your potato chip eating, football watching, domestic beer swilling self off the couch and get your swing on. Let’s face it, you have all winter to let your favorite football team disappoint you. Lucky for me coming from a military family I claim no allegiance, so while you’re watching a bunch of overweight, mid-west corn-fed boys in spandex squabble over a pig skin, just know that the streamer bite is heating up. I know I wear a Seahawks hat in the winter but that’s because my Grandmother got it for me, she’s in her late 80s and ornery as hell; I don’t need any more of a reason to wear it. I digress. Back to the streamer bite. Picking up everyday, the more the weeds move out the more active fish seem to be feeding on some substantial morsels. Speaking of weeds, if you’re into hucking junk I hope your weed-snap game is on par. Catching a lot of crap aside from fish right now. Still going with the un-weighted 7.5′ 0x to a chunk of 1x to hang over the weeds that haven’t made their way downstream just yet. Humble fly suggestions for this fairly un-crowded fall weekend….

Dries: Buzzballs, Flash Cripples, Rusty Spinners, Trico Spinners, Small Parachute Adams, Cluster Midge, Corn-Fed-Caddis & Baetis Emergers.

Nymphs: Drowned Trico, WD-40s, Mirage Nymph, Military Mays, Zebras, Master Baetis & Bruised B.W.O.

Streamers: Sculpzilla, Sparkle Minnows, Kreelex, Kiwi Muddler, Keller’s Nightmare & Mini-Loop-Sculpin.

~Cheers, Chewy. 

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