With the official start of September we are looking forward to the potential of some cooler weather and better fishing conditions on The MO. It looks like we have a hot day or two left, but the longer forecast is showing a break in the heat. Expect some highs into the 70’s! Last night as we watched a great local band, Rocket to Uranus, finish up the live music season at Izaaks we felt like a jacket was necessary to keep warm on the walk home.

The fishing has remained steady since as a few days ago. Nymphing is good to great up near the dam. Terrestrials can be good in the afternoon. Hoppers are getting better. Trico’s are hanging around for some dry fly action in the morning.  Flows are still around 3,000 cfs and the water is topping out in the high 60’s and even reaching over 70 degrees on hot days. Not a good thing for the fish or the fishing.

There were a lot of recreational floaters yesterday and the downtown metropolis of Craig was booming. Might be the same today. Who knows. Most everyone is still nursing a hangover from their festivities last night.

Favorite Flies: Yeti Hopper Purple #12, B/C Hopper Dropper Yellow #10, CDC Flying Ant #16, Bird of Prey #16, PT #20, Zebra Midge #20, Mirage Nymph #22, Sparkle Minnow #6, Wooly Bugger White #4.

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