Flows at Holter Dam this morning are remaining steady at 2,920 cfs. We have more or less remained at 3,000 cfs for the entire summer. I wouldn’t expect much to change as we head into the fall season, but you never know with this streamflow stuff. The best news is that we are starting to get a little cooler on our water temps throughout the day. This morning we started off at 63.5F. Take a look at the USGS graph and you will see that we are on a downward trend. The weather over the next few days will bring highs into the low 80’s and the lows are dipping down into the 50’s. There is a storm front expected to come through with some precip and lightning, so bring some rain gear out to the river!

Fishing is going very well up at the dam. There is good consistent nymping above The WC Bridge with smaller bugs and lighter nymph rigs. If you go up there be ready for boats and lots of people wading the shore.

The rest of the river is fishing well and people are spreading out and seeking other water other than the dam. Most people are trying hoppers and streamers to break up the long season we have had with nymphing. There are still a lot of weeds, but not enough to make things un-fishable in any way. Streamer fishing can be hit or miss. Some reports have came in with good success right on through the day, even with high sun. On the other hand we have had people struggle to get fish to take  a streamer. Lots of follows right up to the boat. Hoppers are still getting lower numbers of fish, but the big boys seem to seek out the hopper.

Trico’s have slowed due to the colder weather. There is still some fishing in the mornings near the dam for Trico’s, but it’s just winding down. Pseudos are out in full force in the afternoons and evenings. Two nights ago we had quite a few fish up on them. Also, spotted quite a few little black Caddis out there.

Good luck out on the river!

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