It finally feels like fall in good ol’ Craig this morning. We have been getting some cooler weather and overcast skies the past few days. We are starting to think more about soup and streamers as the days go on. Waders are out for the fist time in months, but I wouldn’t put the BBQ away just yet. It looks like we still have a couple more 80 degree days on the forecast. Flows this morning are still around 3,000cfs and water temps are at 62.5F.

Fishing is starting to pick up throughout the river. Days are still hit or miss, but the average number of fish getting caught per day is on the rise. Dry fly fishing is a little on the slower side as we are waiting for October Caddis and the fall BWO hatch to start. Terrestrial fishing is still an option. Hopper fishing can be quite good and by that we are talking about ten fish or so in a days worth of fishing. There are some fish looking up for Pseudos in the afternoon and evenings, but these small mayflies are a tough way to get a fish. Smaller Adams or cluster patterns can fool a fish or two.

The nymphing is excellent up at the dam. If you hear someone talking about “the grass flats” thats up at the dam. Just saying…hint, hint, wink, wink. Smaller nymphs are working great and Caddis Pupa are great for a weight fly. Even though there aren’t October Caddis flying around we are starting to see some good fishing with the nymphs.

Streamers can save the day if you are having a tough time with the nymph or dry. Smaller Wooly Buggers in dark colors are working the best. We like a Black Griz Bugger #6 or a Black Darth Zonker. If you are thinking about chasing some big fish we have a few big articulated streamers in stock and more in the way next week. Sink tips are really making the difference out there. Get those flies down to the level of the fish.

Have fun out on the river and enjoy the changing of the seasons!

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