An up to date angling report from those in the know at CrossCurrents Fly Shop in beautiful Craig, MT. Our staffers are out on the river everyday. We keep ourselves up to date so you don’t have to. Just tune in, find a good time that suits your style, and hit the river for some top notch fly fishing.

Flows at Holter Dam this morning are at 3,060 cfs. Water temps are at 64.4. Things have been pretty steady the past few days as far as flows and water temps are concerned. Expect more of the low 3,000’s as we progress into the late summer season. What we have to worry about the next few days is the unpredictable weather patterns in the area. Mr. Weather Man is predicting some thunderstorms this evening and tomorrow. We will see what develops.

The fish out in the river seem to be cooperating from Holter Dam all the way to Cascade. It isn’t lights out by any means, but there are plenty of fish to be had if you work for them. Trico fishing is still pretty good in the morning. The cloud cover  is helping out the dry fly action until it burns off in the afternoon. Terrestrial fishing is good in the afternoon. Hoppers are an option, but ants and beetles are the way to go. Caddis are out throughout the day and the best fishing for them on top is in the late evening when you can barely see your fly.

The nymphing is good out there. Czech nymphs are working pretty well. A Pheasant Tail #18 is king. If there is one fly to have out there, it’s the PT. Don’t forget the PT. A lighter nymph rig is a good way to approach the shallow water where the fish are feeding.

Streamers…don’t tell anyone, but the streamer bite is on out there. Just be ready to deal with the weeds. If you can handle cleaning your fly, toss a streamer. Start stocking up your streamer box for the fall. Check out Strainer’s video on how to tie a Wooly Bugger.

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