DSC_0603Anglers on The Missouri River have been coming back with smiling faces as of lately. Lots of bugs out on the water, lots of them. Trico’s are around in the mornings and PMD’s can be seen throughout the day. Caddis in the evenings. Dry fly fishing is available on most days, almost all day long. Things can slow a bit in the afternoons, so it’s best to get out a little early to catch the Trico spinner fall and then hit the river again later in the evening for some more rising fish. Lots of the W blowing things around yesterday. Things should lay down for the weekend. 

As we round the corner into August we are really starting to think of the terrestrial bug action. Hoppers are starting to make a showing along the banks, ants have been fishing good for months now, and the occasional beetle is a great idea to throw in the mix. Don’t let the idea of big foamy bugs fool you, it’s still best to find sipping trout and target them with the smaller mayflies we have around. If you choose to fish some hoppers out there, it’s best to cover some ground from a boat and pound the banks with your favorite hopper pattern. We really like The Morrish Hopper, Yeti Hopper, and Debruins Hopper. It’s also a good idea to drop a nymph off the back to better your odds while prospecting with a hopper.

3 Responses to Missouri River Late July Fishing Update
  1. I really enjoyed the day fishing with Taylor Todd. The fishing was good and the company was excellent which made for a very enjoyable day drifting the river.
    Thanks again Taylor,
    George Savage

    • George! I had a great day with you as well. Glad you enjoyed your time on The Missouri. Let me know if you ever want to go fishing again and if I ever make it down your way I’ll look you up for some Bass fishing!


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