20130617-103046.jpgWe made it through another busy weekend! Time to get out on the MO and find a piece of water to yourself now. Today is going to be the low wind day of the week followed closely by Friday. We will see temps creep into the mid 80s in the next few days. Wednesday will be the stormy day if those peeps at NOAA know their stuff. If you can get out of the office and fish this river in the middle of the week, trust me it is worth it.

The flows are now about 3200 cfs (normally ~8179cfs). Water temps at the dam are ~56, a bit warmer down river. The water is slowly creeping back up with bug hatches getting heavier as it goes. The clouds, if we get some, can help the fishing on the hot days. We are seeing Caddis, PMDs, BWOs and Midges on the Missouri River. I believe it pays off right now to hit the river early or to be prepared to stay late. We are nearing the longest day of the year so those twilight hours are plenty and productive. Don’t forget the emerging state of a caddis fly.  If you like to swing a soft hackle fly, now is the time to do it. If you don’t know how, stop by the big red barn and we will let you in on this little trick.

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Baetis (BWO), Midges, PMDs, Caddis


-#18-#20 Parachute Adams

-#18-#22 CDC Hanging Midge

-#18-#22 Sprout Emergers

-#18-#22 PMD Hackle Stacker

-#18-#22 PMD Comparadun

-#18-#22 PMD Rusty Spinner

-#16-#18 Buzz Ball

-#14-#16 Elk Hair (HiVis) Caddis, Brown


-#14-#18 Firebead ____ (something -they all are working)

-#14-#16 Tungsten Weight Flies (Rainbow, Purple, Gold)

-#16-#18 Lightning Bugs (Pink, Silver, Gold)

-#18-#22 Mirage Nymphs

-#16-#20 Superflash PT

-#18-#20 Zebra Midges (Black, Red, Purple)

-#18-#20 Love Bugs

-#14-#18 CDC Caddis Emerger


-#6-#10 Buggers (Black, Black & Grizzly, Olive)

-#4-#6 Conehead Kiwi Muddler

-#4 Skiddish Smolt


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