Mid-April on the Missouri

Bill and Ed here sipping some JOE on this wonderful morning here in Craig, Montana, the birds are out and the trout are eating. The flow out of the Holter Dam is at 7,240 cfs with the water temperature hovering around 41 degrees. Today’s high will be 59 F and wind coming out of the west/southwest at 14 mph by the afternoon.

If you like to nymph or throw streamers then the fishing is stellar, yet dry-fly fishermen would say otherwise. The same classic Missouri River spring flies are still on the hot list. Anything with a Firebead will pick up fish right now, having something pink will also help. sizes #14 and #16 work best from the Dam to Craig stretch, sizes #10, #12 and #14 will work better as you move downstream from there. I’ve been using 3X Mirage, but I know plenty of people are using 2X Mono and so on.

Streamers are also the game right now, sparkle minnows, buggers and sculpin patterns are doing best. The bite is better when the sun is not out, but that is also not always the case.

The water temperature is getting warmer as the days go on and the fish are liking that. Not only are they eating more but they are  also fighting more.

BWO’s will be here soon….

Please give us a call at the Shop in Craig for a much more detailed fishing report! 406-235-3433

-Stay Classy you Crazy Fishermen



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