It’s important to protect your livelihood. If trout and fantastic cold water fisheries are your thing, then Trout Unlimited is for you. It can be easy to enjoy fishing your favorite stream and complain about how better it was “in the good old days.” With that said, if the trout fishing in your favorite river feels like it’s on a decline then it probably is. So why not take a little bit of time and money to help TU help your trout?

That’s why the folks at CrossCurrents Fly Shop stay active with our local chapter in support of our world famous trout fishery. The Pat Barnes Missouri River Chapter raises funds and coordinates grassroots projects for The Missouri, Smith, and Little Blackfoot Rivers. Our shop’s owner, Chris Strainer, is a former chapter president and still holds a position on the board. Shop co-manager Jennifer Harris holds a chair position for the annual banquet. Almost all of our staff are TU members and some are active with different chapters across the country. We all do it because we love trout and the waters they swim in.

It can be great to get out and enjoy the outdoors via your favorite trout stream. If you have had that rewarding feeling of catching a beautiful fish with your freidns and family, try volunteering with TU. It can bring many different rewarding experiences as well. Check out this link to the PBMRTU’s web page.

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  1. Another pt in favor of Cross Currents.


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