No Touch No Spook Hook Release


The Snively No Touch No Spook Hook Release Tool
The Super Simple, Super Effective Hook Release Tool

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The Snively No Touch No Spook Hook Release Tool

Super Simple, Super Effective Hook Release Tool

* Hand made in Missoula, Montana, USA
* Ergonomically shaped cork handle is comfortable and easy to grip -and shaped to fit in a pocket easily and not be bulky
* Strong, spring, stainless steel wire
* Clip allows you to attach it anywhere (pack, vest, lanyard, shirt, etc.)
* Split Ring allows you to also attach it to a Zinger
* Works on barbed and barbless hooks (we recommend fishing with barbless hooks)
* Works on all hook sizes that will fit through the loop (though, it doesn’t work well on articulated flies)
* $1 of every tool purchased goest to the West Slope Chapter of Trout Unlimited!
* Free CCFS Sticker with every purchase

Shop Staff Notes:  This release tool is legit and works as slick as eel snot!  More and more of our Guides are using this tool and all the Clients are amazed when they see how well this gadget actually works!  We sell most of them in our shop from Clients that just got off the river and saw how easily this tool removed hooks of all sizes from the fish and want one for their own.  Seeing is believing so check out these great, short YouTube videos that the inventor/maker of this tool, John Snively, has put together to show you how he makes them and how effective they are to use.  He shows you exactly how to use it and then demonstrates it by using in on real fish:  No Touch No Spook Hook Release and from Workbench to River. This tool is awesome on cold days when you don’t want to have to touch the fish -both for the fish and your finger’s sake!  You really should get this tool and use it.  It’s easier on the fish, easier on your flies (pliers damage you flies!) and easier on you.

This is a great gift for your fishing buddies!

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