Parachute Adams


Parachute Adams
Size:  #12,  #14,  #16,  #18,  #20


Parachute Adams
Size:  #12,  #14,  #16,  #18,  #20

If this fly is not in your fly box then you’re doing it wrong!  The Para-Adams is the most versatile dry fly tied. If you’ve got a few of these in each size you can do well in any Mayfly hatch that happens when you’re on the water.  It’s also a great attractor dry fly pattern that looks like many different bugs that trout like to eat.  Bottom line, if you don’t have a few rows or compartments of these bugs in your box, than click on the tab and order some up and get with the program!

This Adams Parachute, along with any dry fly, works best when you dunk it in our liquid Jet Fuel Fly Floatant. Don’t forget to order a bottle when you order your Parachute Adams!

We recommend using a longer, thinner leader when fishing the smaller sizes of Parachute Adams (say #18 and #20), especially on rivers like the Missouri. (Use a 12′ Leader in 5X or 6X or start with a 9′ Leader and add some 5X or 6X Tippet on the end of that leader.)  If you’re using the larger sizes (#12 and #14) on smaller water or freestone streams (like the Blackfoot and Smith), use a shorter leader with a heavier tippet. (Say, 7.5′ Leader in 3X or 4X.) Fishing a size #16, then I would use a 9′ 4X or 5X leader.  TIP- When I’m fishing dry flies on the MO, I do like using Fluorocarbon just for the Tippet -not for the leader. Fluoro tends to sink ever so slightly and if you use 2′-3′ of fluoro on the end of your nylon leader, you get just the end of the of leader sinking into the surface film, making it nearly invisible -but not enough to pull down most dry flies.

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