Sprout PMD Emerger


Sprout PMD Emerger
Sizes:  #16,  #18


Brook’s Sprout PMD Emerger
Sizes:  #16,  #18

The Sprout PMD Emerger fly pattern is one of the most effective emerger dry flies we use during the PMD (Pale Morning Dun) hatch here on the Missouri River in Montana. Fish it solo on a 12′ 5X leader for the ultimate drag-free presentation.  You can also trail this pattern closely behind a Hi-Vis CDC Rusty Spinner or a CDC Parachute BWO or a Hi-Vis CDC PMD Spinner or even a Corn-Fed CDC Caddis for an amazing combination that’s easier to see on the water. (When we do this, we usually fish the first fly on a 9′ 4X leader and then tie on 15″-30″ of 5X Tippet off the first fly and tie on my Sprout PMD Emerger on the 5X.)  The white foam post makes it pretty visible for you but the hang down design fools those fish that are feeding right in or just under the surface film.  Most popular size we sell is #18 for the MO but we carry them in #16 and #18.

Other items to consider: Our own Jet Fuel Fly Floatant, a new fly box, leader and tippet, stream side tools.

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