Tailwater Sowbug Jig


Tailwater Sowbug Jig
Color:  Rainbow
Sizes:  #14,  #16


Tailwater Sowbug Jig -tungsten bead
Color:  Rainbow
Sizes:  #14,  #16

The Tailwater Sowbug fly pattern is arguably the best sowbug pattern ever developed and it is no wonder it is the most popular choice for the Missouri River, so why not add a jig version to the mix. There is an abundance of sowbugs in the river system so sometimes it seems as though you could have a sow on as one of your flies year round and be successful. With the added UV reflective materials to the fly, it seems to get a little bit more attention than plain sowbug patterns. Let this be your go to sowbug pattern during the early season, during high water, or anytime you need a confidence booster in your nymph rig system.  Also, a perfect fly to use for Euro Nymphing.

Other items to consider:  a new fly box, leader and tippet, stream side tools.

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