For nine straight steelheading seasons, Chris Strainer, owner of CrossCurrents Fly Shop, has made his annual pilgrimage to northern British Columbia to swing flies on two-handed rods in some of the most legendary steelhead waters on the planet. read more →

Fishing out on the Missouri continues to be very productive, if you know how to get the moss off you’re fly in a hurry. The mornings are definitely more productive than the evenings with massive Trico spinner falls happening daily around 8:30 or 9:00 am. Last evening CrossCurrents Owner Chris Strainer went out and caught.. read more →

On the Missouri River the most sought after fish is obviously trout. But when living in Craig and fishing nearly every single day a fly fisherman may like to get out of the normal swing of things and try his or her hand at something new. The big black shadows that are found smoothly gliding.. read more →

  Things are finally starting to heat up on the small streams all around the Helena and Craig area. When the fishing slows down here on the MO, our CrossCurrents Fly Shop employees often head towards the smaller streams this region has to offer. Fishing size 16-20 dry flies on the Missouri all season can.. read more →

This week I decided to leave the Helena/Craig area and head over to the upper Madison river close to Yellowstone Park. I brought all the rods I own (from 4 weight through 7 weight) and I ended up fishing the 8′ 4wt Orvis Superfine Touch rod more than any other. When delicate presentations with smaller.. read more →

The grin on Taylor’s face says it all. One still frame, commemorating a beautiful fish, on a perfect evening, might be all we have to look back on.  However, as most troutbums know, each fish carries with it it’s own unique story, fueled by the frustrations and elations that go hand in hand with dry.. read more →

  Yes, loyal blog followers. You heard it right. For the first time ever our great friends from The Orvis Company are offering 20% off all rod outfits. Have you been kicking the tires about that next fly rod? Or maybe you are looking for your first fly fishing stick ever? Now is the time to.. read more →

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13 Sep 2013
September 13, 2013

156 Years

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I get chills every time I watch this video. It’s absolutely great to hear the amount of passion that these people have building the tools we use on a daily basis. Over the summer I have been lucky enough to meet a few of them and they are amazing folks! Whenever I fish with an.. read more →

Winner of the Ugly Fish Photo Contest…..   Amy sent this image in for the contest and thought it was a bad or ugly fish.  We disagreed, its a beautiful brook trout.  So Amy here you go we will get that H2 hat your direction soon.   Thanks for all of the pictures to everyone.. read more →