The grin on Taylor’s face says it all. One still frame, commemorating a beautiful fish, on a perfect evening, might be all we have to look back on.  However, as most troutbums know, each fish carries with it it’s own unique story, fueled by the frustrations and elations that go hand in hand with dry fly fishing. After throwing what seemed like a full menu over top this trout and a fair bit of head scratching, Taylor “The Jet” Todd was able to coax this lonely riser, with a well timed and appetizing presentation, into a free caddis meal. Marcus Mattioli (aka “Squintz” or “Big Gulp”) as we affectionally refer to him, was solid with the net and quick with the camera. The Jet’s grip and grin, worthy of The Orvis catalog’s cover shot, culminated into a great photo, forever freezing this moment in time.

Now don’t get me wrong, catching fish on small dry flies is nothing new to The Jet, but over time, knowledge and experience lends itself to finding fish that might have not been catchable in years past. The picture above is a true representation of Taylor’s dedication to his craft and unwillingness to back down from adversity. Stop on in to CrossCurrents Fly Shop if you’re interested in tapping into Taylor’s wealth of knowledge. Who knows, you might even talk him into pulling some oars for you out on the MO!



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  1. great pic. Nice looking fish, my friend.


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