Give More than a Gift with Tenkara USA and enjoy Winter Fly Fishing. CrossCurrents Fly Shop has Tenkara!  Just like all things fly fishing, Tenkara makes complicated winter fishing simple too. This article on Winter Tenkara Fly Fishing by explains it beautifully. Don’t Tenkara, yet? It’s easy–just a rod, line and fly. Our shop staff and.. read more →

Last weekend was my first time. Someone I know showed me how. It was so simple. It was so intimate. It was so fun. And now I’m addicted! What could it be, you ask? Tenkara. read more →

  The all new Tenkara Rhodo and Sato Situation: You are fishing your favorite little freestone. You round the bend and overhanging branches leave you little room to cast. A speckled, buttery brown rises, taking out unsuspecting caddis. In times past, you would exit and walk upstream, cursing the willows and cottonwoods. Not today. You.. read more →

For those of you who love to fish dry flies on mountain streams and alpine lakes off the beaten path, Tenkara fly-fishing is for you! Literally meaning テンカラ from the skies, Tenkara fly fishing dates back to the 8th and 9th centuries B.C. when Japanese anglers first began using bamboo poles, natural line, and hand tied flies to.. read more →