The all new Tenkara Rhodo and Sato


You are fishing your favorite little freestone. You round the bend and overhanging branches leave you little room to cast. A speckled, buttery brown rises, taking out unsuspecting caddis. In times past, you would exit and walk upstream, cursing the willows and cottonwoods. Not today. You simply adjust the length of your Sato or Rhodo TenkaraUSA rod, step forward and cast into the riffle. The brown turns chin up. One world meets another.


TenkaraUSA Rhodo


TenkaraUSA Sato



The new TenkaraUSA Sato and Rhodo fly rods are the best of both worlds combining Tenkara-style casting accuracy with the convenience of TenkaraUSA’s new “Triple Zoom” feature, which allows you to fish the rod at any of 3 lengths. The Rhodo, (designed with intimate cutthroat and brook trout streams in mind) has three lengths: 8’10”, 9’9″, 10’6″. The Sato is a bit beefier, designed to handle that occasional feisty brown with lengths of 10’8”/ 11’10”/12’9.” Stop by our Helena shop and give them both a cast. We can answer any questions you have about Tenkara style fly fishing. Stay tuned for future posts as I look at each Tenkara rod model and explain its strengths and applications.

-Hope I don’t see you on the water. Brad h.     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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