If good is good, then what is great? That is the question most people have buzzing around in their head after a day on The MO this spring. It could quite possibly be the best day of fishing you have ever had in your life, but what is there to compare it to? With over 8,000 fish per mile and the average length of trout in the neighborhood of 16 inches, the odds are certainly in your favor.

If the statistics alone aren’t enough, then it must be the beautiful scenery. Maybe it’s the atmosphere of Craig? Whatever it might be, one could make an argument that The MO is the best tailwater fishery in the country. There are plenty of other great rivers around and it would be shameful to take anything away from them, but let peoples actions speak for themselves. It can’t be a coincidence that we have people from all over the country leaving their tailwaters at home to come fish with us here in Craig. Guides from The Horn are here on their days off, retired folks from Mtn. Home leave The White to stay here for the summer, and doctors from New Mexico leave The San Juan to fish here on their vacation.

In the end any day on your favorite river is always good, but we have it great here in Craig. Most people who get the opportunity to fish here know that The MO will find a special place in your heart. Some people like it so much they may never leave.

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