20 Sep 2013
September 20, 2013

The MO Minnow

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A Fish Skull MO Minnow before his haircut.

A Fish Skull MO Minnow before his haircut.

The man has done it again with a little creation he titles the Fish Skull MO Minnow. Its a shiny baitfish pattern that works wonders to fool some Missouri River fish. We will have an unlimited supply of them throughout the fall streamer season, so stop by and give one a try. We love them. They fish really well on a swing in slower water. All of the synthetic baitfish emulator material keeps great movement while maintaing a nice transparent silhouette. We usually don’t strip them in, but just pull on the line a little to get the materials dancing. Another great advantage of this fly is the Fish Skull. It gets the fly deep quickly and has a built in “keel” that keeps the fly riding upright in the water column.

It’s always great fun to tie a fly or two while working in the shop. It feels as though you are at the very essence of our shops existence. After all it is called a “fly shop” for a reason. If you stop by this weekend you will probably see me at the counter pecking away at a few MO Minnows. Feel free to stay and watch for a lesson so you can tie up a few of your own at home. Trust me, it’s an easy one to put together or I wouldn’t be allowed to do it on shop hours!

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