“What’s my favorite rod?” A question that most anglers always have stirring around in the back of their mind. It might be a question that makes most of us always wanting another rod for a different river or different style of fishing. While some rods are good for dry fly fishing and others make for easy nymphing, it can be hard to find one that will do it all. A slow action 3 wt will never handle a big streamer and you’ll never get a good presentation with an over lined fast action 6 wt, but if you had to have one rod that could handle it all on The Missouri River what would it be?

Every caster will have their own opinion and there is certainly no right or wrong answer. Let’s narrow our search down to the Orvis H2. As one of the lightest and most accurate rods on the market it can be hard to beat for any type of fishing situation on The MO. The 9ft 5wt tip-flex seems to hit the sweet spot and wins the jack of all trades master of none award for most western rivers. It is accurate enough to present small size 22 dries, powerful enough for just about any streamer, and long enough for distance mends or reach casts. There are many other rods in the H2 line that are the perfect tool for a specific situation, but if your a one rod in the boat type of person the 905-tip will suit you well.

We have the 9ft 5wt available for demo here in the shop. Stop by and cast it in the front yard or take it out for a day of fishing on the river.

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