Sometimes the biggest dilemma we all struggle with is deciding where to spend our time fishing. You have a good day on the water and you feel like you’ve chosen the right place. Get home smelling like a skunk and you immediately head for the computer to watch fishing videos while trying to figure out what went wrong.

With all the different rivers to choose from it can be a difficult decision to tackle. No matter the choice, people come from all over the world to fish around Craig during the spring and here are the top ten reasons we think why.

1. Runoff-Most of the freestone rivers can be unfishable as snowmelt fills the banks with chocolate colored water, but The MO keeps on fishing like a champ.

2. Hatches-We have four different hatches happening during the month of May. Midges, BWOs, March Browns, and Caddis. They are all good ones too.

3.Rising Fish-This goes with #2 on the list, but the fish are always looking up in the spring and everyday people are catching them on top.

4.Caddis Fest-Enough said.

5.No Weeds-Those pesky weeds haven’t started fouling up all the nymph rigs yet.

6.Scenery- “Spring showers turn our beautiful frontier landscape into a lush green picturesque panorama that adds to the romanticism of angling for the elusive rainbow trout in the great treasure state of our union.” – Phillip Ley

7. Streamers-The tug is the drug. Streamer fishing can be hot as the water temps warm up and the fish become more agressive.

8. Mosquitos- There aren’t any around. You can get outside and BBQ without having to dunk yourself in insect repelent.

9. Guides-Most of the guides in town are available and ready to get some fish in the net. Not to mention the guide spring special that runs through the end of April.

10. Food-Last but not least, our seasonal restaurant (Izaak’s) is open for the year and serving all your favorite food. Not to mention Joe’s Bar is always there for those who are looking for the local flavor.

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