misouri river sunset

Independence Day is off to a great start in the great town of Craig. The fishing has been great on the river the past few days. Today looks to be our last day of above 90 degree heat, with the temps cooling off into the low 80’s through the weekend. The big surprise this morning is the trickle of water flowing out of Holter Dam. The flows are only 2690 cfs(normally 6370). The lower flows have made the fishing good early this summer, but we will see what todays drop does to the fish…Most of them are holding in the shallow riffles and flats near the bank.

Throughout the day the fish can be found looking up eating PMD’s and Caddis. Most folks are getting out there early in the morning and taking an afternoon nap until the evening Caddis hatch gets going. There are rumors that it looks like there are some fires starting on the bank with the Trico hatch getting going in the lower river.

Dries:  Last Chance Cripple PMD, Snowshoe Emerger, Stocking Wing Caddis, Henry’s Fork Caddis.

Nymphs: Superflash PT, Purple Lighting Bug, Sparkle Pupa, Split Case PMD.

Streamers: KK’s MT Mouthwash, Lemondrop Bugger, Bow River Bugger.

Stay updated with current water conditions by checking out our streamflows page.

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