Missouri River Montana: Fly Fishing and Floating

On the Missouri River the most sought after fish is obviously trout. But when living in Craig and fishing nearly every single day a fly fisherman may like to get out of the normal swing of things and try his or her hand at something new. The big black shadows that are found smoothly gliding.. read more →

As fly fisherman we have a few common goals when fishing, and one of these goals is not usually to put dinner on the table. Although, occasionally a walleye finds itself securely attached to the end of ones tippet and it is very difficult to send that tasty morsel back to the depths of the river… read more →

  We are enjoying the dry fly fishing during the heart of Trico season on Montana’s Missouri River. Lot’s of bugs out on a daily basis. Get out early and catch the spinner fall, it can be fantastic fishing. These photos are fresh through the lens  from this mornings hatch. Photos by Will Darby. read more →

Flows this morning dropped slightly to 4,340 cfs at Holter Dam, water temps there are 62 in the morning. We had a little rain come through yesterday that has kept things a little on the cooler side for our summer season. Traffic on the river is strangely low for this time of year. Don’t get me.. read more →

A quick local guy and caddis fly story here.  The other evening I headed upstream to fish between the dam and the bridge for a while.  I hoped to see some rising trout to cast to.  I looked around a while and tried to make a plan.  As it turned out the water was very.. read more →

The grin on Taylor’s face says it all. One still frame, commemorating a beautiful fish, on a perfect evening, might be all we have to look back on.  However, as most troutbums know, each fish carries with it it’s own unique story, fueled by the frustrations and elations that go hand in hand with dry.. read more →

Just got off the Smith River on Wednesday and I’ll launch again Saturday.  I’m not sure if my laundry is going to dry between trips.  Not a problem, I love the smell of sweat and campfire smoke from a Smith River trip!  I’ve been guiding for Mike Geary of Lewis & Clark Expeditions for the past.. read more →

Craig, Montana is booming and bustling with trout bums grinning from ear to ear. The sun is shining high in the sky for longer than it has in the past two weeks, and bugs are just starting to come off like we’re used to out here. We’ve got a few thunderstorms forecasted for the next.. read more →

  It’s a feeling unlike any other. While difficult to explain to the unknowing, the tug and run of a broad-backed buck rainbow is a feeling that one will soon not forget, and after a trying maiden voyage on the Mo, Josh and crew were determined to step back into the ring. The line tightened.. read more →

With this warmer weather and nearby schools closing in on summer break, weekends in craig have started to produce some larger crowds and the possibility of the famous Missouri river bikini hatch. While many of the women that come through Craig are only here to bath in the sun and enjoy the water, there are.. read more →