Knights of the Round Table

With two stores and limited staff it can be hard to get all the shop folks together in one place at one time. Somebody always has to work, the other guys are out fishing, one guy is on a trip to town to re-supply the fridge, and who knows where Phillip is going sometimes. It can get a little scattered and hectic as the season progresses, but we still rely on each other to keep both shops up and running smoothly.

Last night, for the first time this season, the entire CrossCurrents staff finally got to enjoy each other’s good company at the Pat Barnes Missouri River Trout Unlimited banquet in Helena. It was good have a few laughs and eat some good food all while supporting TU’s mission to protect our cold water resources. None of us won the new Adipose Drift Boat nor did we have enough courage to get in the bidding for the Booties on the Fly painting, but none the less it felt good to sit at the shop’s table and sip a few Blackfoot IPAs.

A special thanks to Chris for letting us close up shop early and getting a couple of tables at the banquet for us all to enjoy. An extra special thanks is due to Jennifer for stepping up and coordinating the entire event!

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