Recipe For a Great Fall Day on the MO

Prep work: Sleep in a touch, make a strong cup of coffee and load up on cooler weather gear. You’ll need rods for all facets of the game, so dust off your streamer rod, set up a dry fly stick, and have the ol’ bobber rig ready to roll. Try to arrive out in Craig between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. For best results, hope for cloud cover, calm wind, and a gentle rain.


-about 1/2 dozen streamer patterns you have confidence in. Personally, it’s tough to go wrong with flashy nonsense this time of year. If it looks like tinsel is part of the fly pattern, you can fish it in late September. Alternately, throw a black or brown bugger.
-3 different-sized October caddis patterns. Orange Stimulators, Chubbies, and Elk-Hair caddis in sizes from 6-14 will foot the bill.
-hoppers, still. Get ‘em while you can.
droppers, in case the fish aren’t really looking up earlier in the day. Small dark bugs like the two-bit, frenchie, zebra midge, and psycho may will get eaten, and they won’t sink a fuzzy dry fly.
4X and 3X tippet, for the dries and nymphs respectively
fly floatant for the dries (hard to beat our Jet Fuel)
-some sowbug patterns like the Tailwater and Poxyback in a 14 & 16
-patience (this one helps deal with the weeds, and fishing/life in general)
-the Fall Baetis are just moments away!!  (some have already been spotted but not any/many fish have discovered them yet -maybe this weekend it will happen!)

Directions: For best results, fish. Run your nymphs around 4 feet from shot to indy. Hit the fast water, wherever it flows. Your streamer hint of the week: think beyond the banks. Fish the flats, fish the shelves. You’d be surprised.

PS- We are selling some of our rental fleet!. 3 rafts left for sale – NRS Dodger XL, an AIRE Super Puma and an NRS Otter 150.  We also have 4 Inflatable Kayaks for sale – NRS 2-person Outlaw II IK, a Star 2-person Outlaw II IK, and two, 1-person, NRS Outlaw IKs.  All these are between 35% to 65% discounted off of retail!

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