Shop Rat and Guide Taylor Todd with a Missouri River Brown Trout in Craig, Montana

Yes, you have become a Trout Bum. CrossCurrents’ lead shop staffer, Taylor Todd, has written an eloquent piece for the Montana Fly Fishing Magazine (page 75): The Becoming of a Trout Bum. Thank you, Taylor.

Taylor has been a tremendous blessing to CrossCurrents Fly Shop. We look forward to Taylor’s return this season, and many more. Although he will once again be a shop rat, Taylor is going to try his patience putting the wealth of information he learned at guide school along with the countless hours fishing the Missouri River, by guiding. Some would say Taylor is living the life others only dream about. It will be quite interesting at the end of the season to read his next article. Maybe it will be appropriately titled “The Becoming of a Missouri River Guide”.


She’s what Taylor left behind–temporarily.

Now you’re asking yourself, “how do I become a Trout Bum?” Many have asked the same question. The answer, I believe, depends on how you define being a Trout Bum. Many fly fish to escape from daily life. Those who work long grueling hours at a fly shop are no exception. Although being a guide appears to be glorious, many days it’s not. But year after year many of our fly shop applicants want to be a guide. A few do move on to become great guides who make a living. Most do not. To walk away from comfort in search of lifestyle, now that is my definition of a Trout Bum.

The simple life built around fly fishing could be your fortune and glory; it’s mine. It might not be worth much, but to me, its worth living. Yes, I often ask myself, “what the heck am I doing? Is this the right choice?” Right now as we go into another season, I tell myself it is. If you ask me tomorrow the answer might change.

Do you have what it takes to be a Trout Bum too?

If you think you do Craig, Montana is definitely the place to test this idea!  FYI…We are still looking for a few good Trout Bums.

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  1. Nice writing indeed…bum envy


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