Orvis Helios 3 Blackout 8’5″ 8-weight Fly Rod



Orvis Helios 3D Blackout 8′5″ 8-weight Fly Rod
Rod Only:  3ARZ-51-57
Purchased in Montana so there’s NO SALES TAX


Orvis Helios 3D Blackout 8’5″ 8-weight Fly Rod
Item Number: 3ARZ-51-57

Fly Rod Features:

  • Special Edition Helios 3D series -Think “Distance” in casting combined with laser point accuracy and crazy lightness in physical and swing weight
  • 8′ 5″ 8-wt fly rod
  • Reel seat is type III anodized aluminum Midnight Black w/ Matte Midnight Carbon insert
  • Midnight Black colored blank
  • Black accent wraps
  • Black/Black main wraps
  • REC Recoil (Nickel Titanium) snake guides
  • SiC/Titanium stripping guides
  • Includes made in America, black, aluminum rod tube with cloth rod sock
  • Covered by the Orvis 25-year rod guarantee
  • Made in the USA!

It began as a supremely accurate 8′ 5″ 8-wt. for big game/saltwater species. Incredibly light in hand -and pretty sexy to look at with it’s all black components and the special Blackout graphic.  Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont, USA.

Video of Orvis Rod Designer, Shawn Combs, talking with Tom Rosenbauer, of the Orivs Fly Fishing Podcast, and our friends, Dave and Amelia Jensen about the new Helios 3 Blackout 955-4:  Helios 3 Blackout Rod, 9’5″ 5-wt. with Tom Rosenbauer, Dave and Amelia Jenson.

Shop Staff Notes:  The Orvis Helios 3 Blackout 9’5″ 5-weight Fly Rod feels like your casting a 5 weight -but you’ve got the power of an 8 weight to punch out big flies to big fish in the wind and enough backbone to battle everything from large, LOG trout in freshwater to all but the biggest Bull Reds in the salt.

H3D or H3F? – Trying to decide between a Helios 3D and her sister, the Helios 3F?  Here is a nice, short video from our friend, Shawn Combs (the Product Developer for Orvis -not the Hip-Hop artist, P-Diddy -though we’ve heard Orvis-Shawn lay down some mean rhymes after a couple of beers at OGR!):  Orvis – Helios 3 Fly Rod – How to Decide Between D and F Version.

Here’s a couple of other short video about the Orvis Helios 3.  They are just fun videos with good information that makes you understand what all the hype is about.  Orvis Helios 3 – Accurate from Anywhere.   Orvis Helios 3 – Trick Shot Compilation.

Helios 3D New Rods on SALE:  H3D 904-4,   H3D 905-4,   H3 Blackout 955-4,   H3D 906-4,   H3D 907-4,   H3D 908-4,   H3 Blackout 858-4,   H3D 909-4,   H3D 910.

Helios 3F New Rods on SALE:  H3F 864-4,  H3F-904-4,  H3F 104-4,  H3F 865-4,  H3F 905-4,  H3F 906-4,  H3F 966-4,  H3F 907-4,   H3 Blackout 113-4.

USED DEMO Helios 3 Fly Rods:  H3F 904-4,   H3F 104-4,   H3F 865-4,   H3F 905-4,   H3F 906-4,   H3F 966-4,   H3D 904-4,   H3D 905-4,   H3 Blackout 955-4,   H3D 906-4.

NEW HELIOS F Rods we carry:  H-F 763-4,   H-F 843-4,    H-F 864-4,    H-F 904-4,   H-F 865-4,   H-F 905-4,   H-F 906-4,   H-F 908-4.

NEW HELIOS D Rods we carry:  H-D 104-4,   H-D 905-4,   H-D 955-4,   H-D 906-4,   H-D 857-4,   H-D 907-4,   H-D 858-4,   H-D 908-4,   H-D 909-4,   H-D 8510-4.

Purchased in Montana so there’s NO SALES TAX

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