Totally random post here but what is a man to do on a hot August day when fishing is a bit slower….Dream of Beer and maybe partake in a few, after work of course.


Here it is then, the top 10 Craig Montana Beers:

1. PBR – The designated beer of trout bums World wide. It pairs well with the seasoned pro as well as the CEO trying to bum on a 2 week vacation. This go to beer in the fly fishing community has graced more pages of fly fishing magazines and advertisements than any angler.

2. Rainier – A close cousin to PBR. This more localized bum beer in Craig will be found in more fisherman’s hands than fly rods.  It pairs well with Outfitters, Guides and Fly Shop Staff.

3. Trout Slayer – A very good Big Sky Brewery beer, the Trout Slayer seems to pair well with the tourist fly fisher person. However you will find a local trout bum drinking it…if it is free.

4.  Bud Heavy -Budweiser seems to pair well with a drift boat owner.  It is in a can, it’s cheap, it’s everywhere and you see it being tossed between boats in the Orvis catalog.

5. Blackfoot IPA – A favorite of the appetizer eating, bar only setting and none dinning room goers of Izaack’s Restaurant.  It’s a pairing made in Heaven, if you have a couple it is going to cost more than your wings though.

6. Stella Artois – This “Fancy” beer pairs well with the fly fisher folk from the Bozone area.  Not hating on the Bozeman crowd here, it’s just a shame they only come see us during high water.  You are always welcome in Craig, try a PBR.

7. Banquet Beer –  Coors – Coors is that beer that snuck into the list because sometimes it’s the only one in a 18 pack at the Canyon Store.

8. The Champagne of Beers – High Life – You can find the High Life in many of Yeti coolers.  It pairs well with a buff wearing, streamer tossin college kid feeling the high life that only college can create.

9. Tumbleweed IPA – A favorite of the trout bum that some how just recieved a pay check.  It pairs well with a pay day and steak on the grill.

10. Twisted Tea – Two words, Recreational Floaters.  Enough said.

We have a big Holiday weekend ahead of us here in Craig and beyond, be careful out there and enjoy a few of your 10 favorite responsibly.



4 Responses to Thirsty Thursday: Top 10 Craig Beers
  1. Montana Coldsnacks should make their way on this list!!

  2. I need a Porter!

  3. Keytone light….the poorman’s version of Banquet beer. LOVE it on the river.


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