Airflo Superdri Nymph/Indicator Fly Line


Airflo Superdri Nymph/Indicator Weight-Forward Floating Fly Line
Item:  RS-KGN-
Sizes:  5,  6
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Airflo Superdri Nymph/Indicator Weight-Forward Floating Fly Line
Item:  RS-KGN-
Sizes:  5,  6

The perfect line for turning over bobber rigs and big flies.

The Airflo Superdri Nymph/Indicator line is designed for huckin’ junk. Its unique, thick tip and aggressive front taper turn over even the heaviest of rigs. And its long rear taper lets you stack mends all the way to the next bend. Low-stretch Power Core provides solid hook sets at long range, and Micro Loops front and back complete the deal.

Airflo Lines Features and Benefits:
Airflo Superdri:  Helps the fly line float higher in the water column for easier line pick ups and mending..
Zone Tech:  Fly line compression is a concept rarely discuses by other fly line manufacturers. But the ability to strategically control and very the hardness or softness of the line along its nittier length hugely impacts the amount of energy required to form a loop and generate line speed.  Zone Tech allows us mastery of this key variable, maximizing the performance of every inch of line.
Power Core:  Low stretch Power Core provides powerful hook sets at long range.
100% PVC Free:  We’ve always been PVC free.  And with all the benefits of Polyurethane, we’ll never change.  More environmentally responsible than PVC.  Greater resistance to UV degradation, sunscreen DEET, fuel and solvents than PVC.  No leaching of harmful contaminants.  Safely and completely recyclable.  In our book, Polyurethane wins, hands down.
Micro Loop:  Polyurethane is a true thermoplastic, so it can be semi-liquefied (using heat) and fused back together to form the strongest loops in the business.  What’s more, Airflo loops seamlessly transition back into the line tip or running line – eliminating the “hinge point” so characteristic of PVC loops.  This achilles heel of PVC lines is a common point of failure.
Line Tag:  Airflo’s Line Marking System is permanently welded into our factory-fitted loops, making it easy to for any angler to identify which line and/or tip they’re using.  Each label clearly shows the line’s weight and density – a benefit of particular value to anglers utilizing our trusted system of two hand tips, heads and running lines.
FlexiLoop:  Of particular importance to anglers throwing heavy tips and heads, the FlexiLoop is the connections that actually keeps you connected.  No product failure here -thanks to a separate PU sleeve that adds bulletproof structural integrity.  The FlexiLoop is the gold standard of loops – particularly in the demanding world of two handed angling.
Thermo Stability:  Yet another benefit of Polyurethane is its natural ability to adapt to a wide range of environmental conditions.   PU stiffens far less in the cold than PVC and is much less prone to wilting in tropical heat than PVC lines.  Consequently, we’re uniquely able to engineer lines suited to the widest of environmental conditions.  And again, Polyurethane wins!

Shop Staff Notes:  The new Airflo Superflo Tactical Taper fly line offers superb technologies that will help you cast easier (ridge texturing) with great precision and delicacy (tactical taper) and durability (polyurethane).  Airflo lines use polyurethane for their coating instead of PVC and plasticizers making them both UV and crack resistant and far less toxic in manufacturing, use and disposal. The Tactical Taper is an excellent for the technical dry fly fishing we love to do here on the Missouri. It will turn over a long dry fly leader with ease and offers excellent mending abilities.

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FREE Shipping on this product -use code:  ccfsfreeship

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