RIO ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line


RIO ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line
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RIO ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line

  • RIO’s ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line is an incredibly sensitive shooting line with fantastic, no-tangle performance.  The best shooting line ever made.
  • Distinctive Color Change every 10′ allowing for precise casting and effective fishing
  • RIO’s ConnectCore Technology (ultra-low stretch fly line core means more energy transfer to load your rod for your casting and better hook set, reaction times and feel on fish)
  • RIO’s XS Extreme Slickness Line Technology (Every fly fisherman is looking for a slicker line, and for good reason. Slicker line means longer casts, which is something all anglers strive to achieve. XS Technology is the latest development from RIO’s lab coats that focuses on creating an ultra slick line, with dirt-repelling tendencies.)
  • Short front Taper stabilizes the cast and ensures maximum distance and flight time
  • Supple Coating lies straight on the water and will not bunch up on the shoot and tangle
  • RIO’s Easy ID (laser printed on the line so you’ll never have to guess when the sticker falls off your spool!)
  • RIO’s Welded Loops front and rear (super strong and super easy to attach heads and to backing)
  • 100′ long, in 4 diameters.
  • Made in the USA  (Go, team, go!)

RIO’s Metered ConnectCore Shooting Line is the ultimate shooting line, packed with features that results in longer casts, greater hookups and a higher landing ratio. Each shooting line is built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum sensitivity and performance. The line features RIO’s “RangeFinder” system with a color change every 10ft to easily gauge how far each cast is. A short front taper stabilizes the cast and ensures maximum distance and flight time, and large loops on each end allows for fast rigging changes.

Both ends of the shooting line have large, 8″ welded loops to allow anglers to easily thread through whole shooting head coils, or reels for speedy rigging. The first 4′ is thicker right behind the loop to match up with your shooting head, allowing for better turnover and more stability during your casting stroke. So the first 10′ section is bi-colored and changes at 5′.  After that you have the alternating 10′ color sections.

There are 4 sizes available, with the following specs:
0.026″ – Orange/Gray. 15lb core. Ideal for heads between 200-450gr (3-5wt -Trout Spey)
0.032″ – Orange/Green. 20lb core. Ideal for heads between 450-575gr (6 to 8wt)
0.037″ – Orange/Blue. 20lb core. Ideal for heads between 575-675gr (7 to 9wt))
0.042″ – Orange/Straw Yellow. 30lb core. Ideal for heads over 675gr (9 to 11wt)

Here’s a some informative videos on Vimeo featuring our friend and Spey guru, Simon Gawesworth, explaining all about the new RIO Trout Spey line series:  RIO’s Upcoming 2019 Trout Spey and Skagit Trout Spey Lines.   RIO’s InTouch Trout Spey Lines and Heads.  And the RIO ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line.

Shop Staff Notes:    This RIO ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line is our new favorite shooting line to use!  Besides feeling totally connected to your fly -and to the fish, you can be precise with the distance you are casting which will greatly aid you in fishing a run effectively.  Chris Strainer has been marking his shooting lines every 10′ for years to help with efficiency in covering a run.  Yes, it can be an ego booster or buster, letting you know just exactly how far you can cast but it’s real benefit in the consistency and efficiency of fishing a run. Here’s an example- Let’s say you start fishing a run and you work your cast out to where you have 4 color changes -so 40′ of the shooting line out. Then you snag the bottom and have to break the fly off. (You usually have to reel in the slack and do a straight line pull, often having to step backwards.) [This same scenario work if you actually catch a fish too!] Now, you’ve tied on a new fly or released the fish and you want to start back to where you just swung and continue to work down the run.  You simply need to wade back to your spot, pull out 4 color changes of shooting line, make your cast and your back with the program!  It’s also useful in helping you cast when you use the “50% Rule” -dividing the shooting line you strip in in half -holding it on two different fingers (I use my ring finger and my index finger of my top hand). You can easily accomplish this by visually seeing the metered part and making the 50% split precise.  [If this sound uber confusing and you are wondering what the heck Strainer is writing here -then you should take either our Free Spey Casting Clinic or a Private Spey Casting Lesson. It’s much easier to see it and do it rather than try to figure it out from reading about it.]  Check out our friend, Simon Gawesworth, explaining all about this new RIO ConnectCore Metered Shooting Line in this short RIO Video.  The low-stretch, ConnectCore is super legit! You really can notice the difference on hook sets, fighting fish but really feel the difference when you snag the bottom and have to pull it free or break the fly off.  Here’s what Chris Strainer says about this line technology:  “The first time I used it and had to do that (pull a fly from being snagged), I was shocked and pleased!  I have used several different Shooting Lines in the past 10+ years of Spey casting and fishing for Steelhead and for Trout Spey, I have now switched over to RIO ConnectCore Shooting Line on all my reels for all my shooting heads. I can recommend this Shooting Line whole heartily for any Spey catster, any skill level.”  Perfect shooting line to use with RIO Scani-Short Versitp Shooting Heads or Skagit Shooting Heads.

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