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CCFS Thingamabobber Nymph Rig

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This is the Ultimate, Thingamabobber Nymphing Butt Section Rig.

Super easy to set up.  Super easy and quick to adjust your depth -and your leader will never kink!  Our Customers love these things.  Makes nymphing more fun and productive.  Does’t trash a good leader for your nymphing set up -you just need to add tippet.  If you tangle beyond recovery…no problem, just cut off the tangled tippet and add more. You will save money using this rig.

3.5′ Butt Section is easy to attach to your fly line -loop to loop, like other leaders.  It has a 3/4″ Thingamabobber on the 20# butt section and small, “bobber stops” we tie by hand using fly line.  There’s a tiny, #10 swivel (or tippet ring) on the terminal end to attach your tippet to it. You’ll never trash another leader again with a strike indicator. Nor will you have to worry about loosing the little washer or nut on the Airlocks Indicators.  You can adjust how deep you need to go by the length of tippet you attach to the swivel but the beauty of this rig is how quickly and easily you can change your depth when you are fishing.  Just slide the bobber stops up or down the butt section and you can adjust your depth by 3.5′ in seconds. And, never have your leader get kinked.  It’s also lighter to cast than the Airlock Indicators.  We use those too in certain cases but if we are doing full on nymphing, this is the system of choice.

See additional photos for this product for instructions on how to set up this slick and effective Nymph Rig.

CrossCurrents Fly Shop makes these Nymph Rigs here in our stores.  We include a detailed, colored graphic explaining how to set up this rig and a sweet, CCFS sticker.  You can easily put on and remove this entire system from your fly line if you want to switch to other styles of fishing.

3/4″ Thingamabobber Strike Indicator comes standard with online order. Colors will vary. (The free, CCFS sticker included in the package will vary.)

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