Fishing Reports for the Missouri River Montana

  If you’re one of the many folks talking about heading out this weekend and wondering what to toss here are ten humble suggestions to stash in you fly box. read more →

A few more days of Craig looking like a frozen wasteland then it looks like another nice break in the weather coming up for the Helena / Wolf Creek area. According to the weather man it’s looking up for the weekend and following week with highs hitting in the high 50s or even 60s! Weekend.. read more →

  Flows Below Holter: 4920 cfs (normally 4950)…. Water Temperature: 36° F…. Flows Below Hauser: 5120 cfs (normally 3670)…. Water Temperature: Mid 30’s…. Looks like winter is back in central Montana for the time to come, highs in the mid to low 30s and lows down in the single digits should return the Missouri River back to typical.. read more →

Chewys been on the road a bit with the warm weather and the early ice off checking out some of the open waters from Craig to Gallatin Gateway, over the divide to some local freestones to bring YOU an up to date fishing dispatch from the road. First the local waters… Flows Below Holter: 4920 cfs.. read more →

Flows Below Holter: 5030 cfs (normally 4800) …. Water Temperature: ….35 Flows Below Hauser: 5190 cfs (normally 3670) …. Water Temperature: low to mid 30’s…. Looks like another unseasonably warm week ahead for all you fine folks is central Montana. Weather pushing into the mid to high 50s from Helena to Wolf Creek and west over the divide.. read more →

Flows Below Holter: 4800 cfs (normally 4900)…. Water Temperature: 34° F…. Flows Below Hauser: 4930 cfs (normally 3720)…. Water Temperature: low to mid 30’s…. Crazy warm and beautiful weather (for January) the past few days has made for some pretty sweet conditions to get out and wet a line.  The fishing on the MO has been pretty good.. read more →

Flows Below Holter: 4860 cfs…. Water Temperature: 33.8° F…. Flows Below Hauser: 5120 cfs…. Water Temperature: COLD…. Fingers crossed for the week ahead. If the weather man is right, it could be the break lots of use have been waiting for! Kick cabin fever in the gonads and get out there people! Looking like temps peaking this weekend.. read more →

Flows: 4670 cfs…. Water Temperature: 34.2° F…. Freezing Fog..that’s what its like in Helena today, but the Live Web Cam shows some sun hitting the MO’. This weekend temps were just right for some good Winter fishing. The kids and I tried ice fishing for the first time on Spring Meadow Lake, while Ben, our new employee, and Chris floated the MO’… read more →

Flows: 4380 cfs…. Water Temperature: 44.4° F…. Baby it’s been coooold outside! I guess last week’s cooler temps are what we get for complaining about our long, warm Fall. Things are supposed to heat up this week. Thank you–I’ll take thirty degrees over single digits. This weekend doesn’t look too bad either if you can’t get out this.. read more →

Flows: 3950 cfs…. Water Temperature: 50.9 F…. This time of year Craig is sloooooow and cooooold. This fall has been a bit different. It’s been unusually warm for far too long. After Thursday night’s wind and the continued blustery conditions in Helena, when I went out to Craig Friday and expected to find the same. Nope! It was.. read more →