Missouri River Montana: Fly Fishing and Floating

  It’s a feeling unlike any other. While difficult to explain to the unknowing, the tug and run of a broad-backed buck rainbow is a feeling that one will soon not forget, and after a trying maiden voyage on the Mo, Josh and crew were determined to step back into the ring. The line tightened.. read more →

With this warmer weather and nearby schools closing in on summer break, weekends in craig have started to produce some larger crowds and the possibility of the famous Missouri river bikini hatch. While many of the women that come through Craig are only here to bath in the sun and enjoy the water, there are.. read more →

Here in beautiful Craig Montana a large portion of the conversation, while always based on fly fishing, is focused on the flow of the the river. The people up at the dam have been doing some crazy things with the water flow, these people control many of the fly-fisherman’s lives because quite frankly our lives.. read more →

Another Walleye bites the dust on Montana’s Missouri River this week as our very own Eddie “Flymasterdaddy” plucks a dandy from the upper river. Ol’ Ed has traded in his bobber and Fire Bead Sow for some secret streamer rig that the Walleye can’t resist. We think he still likes catching trout, but he was.. read more →

Water, water, and water. The talk of the town this week. Flows were at 11K yesterday morning. The dam people dropped us to just above 9K yesterday afternoon. Flows have remained steady at 9,030 cfs this morning. There is rumor that we will be flowing down to a more “normal” flow by the end of.. read more →

Last night five members of the Cross Currents team did a late night float from the dam down to the WC bridge. Not only did we catch a lot of nice trout we managed to bag four nice walleye. Even though the flows were high we did very well fishing both streamers and nymphs. Only.. read more →

As the last of the run-off is flowing into the Missouri the river may not be fishing as many of us had hoped, but in contradiction many smaller streams in the Craig and Helena areas are beginning to drop in CFS and increase in clarity. This can be exciting for those who have been waiting.. read more →

    Good morning from the friendly fly fishing experts at CrossCurrents Fly Shop. We have some great fishing ahead of us this week! Weather is going to be nice a warm with a thunderstorm or two thrown in the mix. Flows are remaining steady at the mid 8K range. Flows coming into the chain.. read more →

The cold and high water found here in the Missouri River, now flowing at 8,670 CFS with a temperature of 51 degrees, is allowing the fish to be very active and feisty. When a fish is hooked expect a fun fight starting with a very long and strong run right after the hook set. Here.. read more →

  Things are picking up as we head into the summer season so the guys in Craig are opening up the shop from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. We are here 12 hours a day 7 days a week to help everybody with any of their Missouri River needs. Stop by the shop on Bridge.. read more →