Missouri River Montana: Fly Fishing and Floating

We love CDC. It just might be the best feather out there to tie your dries with, but why do we love it so much? read more →

Dry fly fishing on Montana’s Missouri River requires delicate presentations with small flies that look very realistic. Big bushy dry flies just don’t get the job done in most scenarios on The MO. This is why we love using emerges, cripples, and spinners. Especially ones that use CDC. read more →

With the start of August it’s safe to say that we are officially in hopper season on The Missouri River. It’s time to get out those hoppers, pick your favorite droppers, and rig your  dry fly rods with something big and foamy. Last week at the annual CrossCurrents Hopper Swapper our staff got together and.. read more →

  Here is a list of our top ten favorite nymphs to have in your box when making a trip to Craig. There are many other patterns what will work an any given day, but these are the ten staples that will work almost year round. read more →

“What’s my favorite rod?” A question that most anglers always have stirring around in the back of their mind. It might be a question that makes most of us always wanting another rod for a different river or different style of fishing. While some rods are good for dry fly fishing and others make for easy.. read more →

Most of the people that have wet a line on The MO this year are pretty impressed with the average fish size and population numbers the river has to offer. One of the most common questions that we get here in the shop, “Does this river even have any small fish in it? I haven’t.. read more →

Is the wade fishing too populated on the Missouri River right now?  There are times where the above pictured location is a bit busy.  Lots of fisherman and fisherwomen ask this question in July.    There is still room and fish for everyone, I would say no the crowds are manageable.  Get out early, find your spot,.. read more →

It’t time to finish up the coffee and hit the river. Good cloud cover and none of that nasty W stuff right now in Craig. Should be a great day of dry fly fishing on The MO today! read more →

It is a hot one today folks here on the Missouri River but the evening is yet to come.  The majority of the fishermen will be telling lies at Joe’s Bar by 6pm.  If you plan your day right and are prepared to stay till dark you can have some excellent dry fly fishing.  Pick your.. read more →

Tim Riley with a Missouri River Rainbow. Yellow Sallies all over the place down river. Free sunshine vitamin D in Craig today. We have less wind forecasted  for the next couple of days.  Get over to the Missouri River and fish it hard. read more →