Missouri River Montana: Fly Fishing and Floating

There are quite a few different theories on picking out an effective streamer pattern. After spending time in a fly shop, you tend to hear it all. Every theory is worth listening to and after a while you tend to decide what works for you. Here are a handful of ideas that have circulated around.. read more →

Yes, the boat launch at Holter Dam is closed due to the federal government shutdown. Not to worry, all other ramps on The MO are open and functional. read more →

Every fall as the morning gains a fresh crispness and the evenings begin to shorten I am reminded of how much I enjoy the changing of seasons. The memories of summer fade while the flavor of Uncle Ken’s famous BBQ chicken and backyard pool parties are still fresh on my mind. The peak season of.. read more →

Spey casting originated in the heart of Scotland during the mid 1800’s. It was deemed “spey casting” because the cast was most likely developed by anglers who fished the river Spey for Atlantic Salmon. Around 30 years ago this style of casting made its way into North America via the Pacific Northwest when certain anglers.. read more →

We just got done stocking our bins with some great flies from our friends at Solitude and MFC! Some new streamers hit the shelves for the fall tuggers as well as a few BWO emergers for those tricky hatches we are expecting in the near future. Come check out our new and improved selection and.. read more →

20 Sep 2013
September 20, 2013

The MO Minnow

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The man has done it again with a little creation he titles the Fish Skull MO Minnow. Its a shiny baitfish pattern that works wonders to fool some Missouri River fish. We will have an unlimited supply of them throughout the fall streamer season, so stop by and give one a try. We love them… read more →

Thats right folks, the streamer bite is getting better.  We have a few streamer like days coming up here.  Weeds can be a headache or almost not an issue it just depends on the Missouri River Weed Equation for said day.  Get out here, line up that sink tip line and toss some big bugs. read more →

It feels like July out on the river, not because of the weather or the shorter days. Mostly it’s just all the traffic on the river. Some of the river closures have been lifted around the state, but people are still flocking to The MO. Maybe it’s just the good fishing… read more →

Check out this unique carp video that won a contest with Orvis. It’s a long hot August in Craig and it can be fun to mix things up a little bit with chasing a few other species that actually enjoy the warm water. Our trout are hating the hot water temps, but the carp sure.. read more →

It’s important to protect your livelihood. If trout and fantastic cold water fisheries are your thing, then Trout Unlimited is for you. It can be easy to enjoy fishing your favorite stream and complain about how better it was “in the good old days.” With that said, if the trout fishing in your favorite river.. read more →