Orvis PRO Power Taper Smooth Line


Orvis PRO Power Taper Line -Smooth
Smooth Weight Forward Floating Fly Line
This Taper Line in Smooth is being phased out in 2024
Item No: 2SK4-21-XX  (Line sizes:  4,  5,  6,  7,  8)
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Orvis PRO Power Taper Line -Smooth
SMOOTH Weight Forward Floating Fly Line
This Taper Line in Smooth is being phased out in 2024
Item No: 2SK4-21-XX  (Line sizes:  4,  5,  6,  7,  8)

  • Tailor your rod to a wider range of fishing conditions with PRO Smooth Power Taper Fly Line
  • Orvis Weight Forward “Power” Taper (quick loading and enhanced turnover)
  • AST Plus treatment provides continuous slickness that incorporates completely, continuously migrates out, works longer, and is eight times slicker than any other slickness additive available for better shooting, improved floatation, and performance. Easily sheds dirt and oils allowing line to perform better longer
  • Hy-Flote Tip (nice to not have it sink all the time when dry fly or even nymph fishing)
  • Orvis Line ID (laser printed on the line so you’ll never have to guess when the sticker falls off your spool!)
  • Integrated Slickness (built in and durable and super slick -in addition to texturing)
  • Enhanced Welded Loop front end (super strong and super easy to attach leaders. Helps to transfer energy more efficiently to the leader allowing better turnover)
  • Tri-Colored–  (8′ stealth tip / 30′ from tip / rear taper and running line)
  • Made in the USA  (Go team, go!)
  • FREE Shipping (use promo code: ccfsfreeship)

Orvis PRO Smooth Power Taper Fly Line is designed for loading faster action rods at a half-size heavier than industry standard grain weight. The advanced compound taper design allows for easier turn-over of heavier rigs including larger dries, dry-dropper rigs, nymphs, and streamers. The Power Taper will load a rod deeper and quicker than a traditionally weighted line, helping to enhance “feel” and improve timing during the cast. The 50′ head adds length for better line control and loop stability and the longer head excels at on-water maintenance for mending on longer drifts. 4 wt-8 wt.

Shop Staff Notes:  Orvis PRO Power Taper Smooth Fly Line is a premium line that loads rods quickly and turns over well in the wind.  A great line if you want a little help getting your bushy dry fly or Nymph Rig to turn over or if you like to use Versileaders for streamer fishing.  We sell more Power Taper type lines than any other. With all the technology in this premium fly line, you will enjoy fishing this one for year to come. And yes, it’s pretty much nearly identical to the SA Amplitude smooth line but with Orvis’ custom Power Taper and colors.

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